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6 Point Snowflake

Supply List:
6 pieces of 3" x 3" Stampin' Up! Be of Good Cheer DSP
Glue Dots
White stitched Grosgrain Ribbon
1. Cut 6 pieces of 3" x 3" double sided Designer Series Paper, I've used "Be of Good Cheer" from the 2012-2013 Annual Catalogue.

2. Score and fold diagonally as illustrated and repeat for the other 5 pieces of 3" x 3" DSPs.
 3. With the fold at the bottom, cut 1/2" in from edge running parallel to each side of the triangle. So you can see it better, I have used a blue piece of cardstock and drawn black cutting lines to illustrate it. Take care not to cut too close to the centre of the triangle.
 (You can fold the triangle again into a smaller triangle and just make the one cut across, but I found it was too thick and not as crisp a cut as I would like)
4. Make your second cut as shown in picture.
5. This is your 3rd and final cut.

6. Unfold each triangle, and curl the centre round the pencil (I've used a pen as it was the closest to hand).
7. Attach a glue dot to the inside tip of one corner and adhere to opposite corner overlapping slightly as shown.
8. Flip over on the reverse side of the DSP and adhere corners together with a glue dot as shown.
9. Flip paper back (you are alternating between front and back each time to adhere respective corners) to adhere your 2nd cut layer
10. Flip paper again for your final fold which will look like this. You have now completed one "petal". Repeat this process for the other 5 pieces of 3" x 3" DSP. Make sure that when you're adhering your corners on the remaining 5 pieces, that the overlaps are all facing the same way as for your first one. If not, the pattern on your finished snowflake will not be in sequence.
11. As you can see from this picture the first piece I adhered together (green bit) all the overlaps are face up on the left hand side. The red bits all point to the right. To assemble the snowflake, adhere 3 petals at a time as shown in the picture.
12. Once you've adhered the middle together, then you can align and adhere the top of the petals together.
13. Having adhered each half comprising of 3 petals each. You can now attach the two halves together. Adhere the middle sections at the top first. Next attach a glue dot in the centre on one half of the snowflake but do not glue it together yet! Adhere the bottom middle section together and lay the snowflake flat on your work surface.

14. While the snowflake is lying flat on the work surface, align the centres of the two halves together and adhere the centres together by pinching it firmly. Voila - your snowflake is complete.
15. Lastly punch a small hole on one of the petals and thread a narrow strip of ribbon to hang your snowflake with.
Finally, here is the finished article. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.