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Demonstrators FAQs
What is a Demonstrator?

Stampin' Up! products are sold through a network of independent sales consultants called Stampin' Up! demonstrators.

Why be a Demonstrator?

  • Wouldn't you love to make money while stamping?
  • How about the convenience of setting your own hours?
  • Or supplementing your income with a successful home business?
 With Stampin' Up!, being a demonstrator means you'll enjoy all of this and more. Whether you want to earn additional household income, create a full - or part-time career, or simply get a discount on your stamping supplies, being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator can help you achieve your goals.
What will I do as a Demonstrator?
You will share your love of papercrafting whether it be making cards, gifts, scrapbooking with family and friends through running classes, events, in home workshops or even on a one to one basis and in so doing, widen your network of friends and forge new friendships along the way.
What kind of support will I receive?
By joining my team, you will become an integral part of my Inkin' Divas team and I will provide you with all the support and help you need at a pace  which is tailored to suit you which means I will never pressure you to do more than you wish to.  If you merely wish to support your stamping habit, or have ambitions to build it into a full time career, I will always be on hand to support  and help you along the way.
I hold regular monthly and quarterly meetings for my team which will have stamping at its core, as well as some focus on business topics and tools with which to drive your business forward if you so wish.   Our team all share a passion and love of crafting and are amazingly creative.  Their creativity inspires me and in turn will inspire you.
A free monthly publication called Impressions is sent to each Demonstrator which is a wonderful source of creativity and business ideas.
There is also a free phone number you can contact the Demonstrator Support Team based in Frankfurt who are on hand to give expert advise.  No problem is too small, they are extremely helpful.
There is also a generous incentive program awarded to Demonstrators who wish to aspire to it,  whether it's the incentive trip or other incentives being offered at the time.  All this will be explained in the Demonstrator Manual when you join.
Are there different categories of Demonstratorships and are the benefits different for each?
  • The benefits are the same for every active Demonstrator for any of the categories below:
  • Discount Demonstrator - joins in order to enjoy getting the discount for her personal  use and occasionally sells to her friends and family
  • Short-Term Demonstrator - signs up for a limited period of time in order to earn a specified amount of money and terminates her Demonstratorship once his/her goal is reached.
  • Seasonal Demonstrator- will increase sales activity during key dates such as Sale-a-bration, Mini Launch and Catalogue launch
  • Hobby Demonstrator - holds workshops, classes to earn extra money when it is convenient in order to keep up her quarterly minimums to remain active
  • Career Demonstrator - formulates a business plan, sets goals  and sales targets with a view to a long term full time career, building a team and supporting them.
How will I make money as a Demonstrator?
With any order that you place, whether it is from a workshop or an individual customer, you only send 80 percent of the money you collect before shipping and handling to Stampin' Up!.  The other 20 percent is called your Instant Income.  You also earn additional money through volume rebates when your monthly sales reach £200 and above.  If you build a team, you also earn monthly downline overrides.
Do Demonstrators really make money at this?
The answer is "Yes"!  - depending on how much time you invest into "your" business - you will be an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, so therefore it is entirely up to you how much you would like to earn and how high you set your sights!
Do I have to recruit other Demonstrators?
No, it is not a requirement - but it will be a perk.  Recruiting means having the opportunity to earn commission based  on your downline's sales.  Recruiting means expanding your business.  Expanding your business means building a team to whom you have a responsibility as you will need to support them just as I will support you, an undertaking which I take very seriously. 
What will the minimum sales requirements be?
To remain as an active demonstrator, you will need to sell a minimum of £225 in commissionable sales per quarter.  Most Demonstrators find this goal easily achievable by running one or two workshops each quarter or with their own purchases.
Do I still have to run workshops if I only want to be a Hobby Demonstrator?
Absolutely not!  There is no discrimination with the level support Stampin' Up! and myself give to each Demonstrator regardless of how big or small their business.  Holding workshops are entirely optional.  However, if you have the opportunity to hold one, you'll find out first hand how much fun they are and how much you'll enjoy them.  By putting in your own orders or by collecting orders from family and friends, you'll easily keep up those quarterly minimums.
Do I have to hold stocks of Stampin' Up! products?
No, when a customer places an order they pay you in advance and you will then place the order with  Stampin' Up!  who  will  ship the merchandise directly to the Host/Hostess or customer.
What are the Start Up costs?
The Starter Kit is £99 for more than £175 worth or products.  The stamp sets in your Starter Kit can be customized to ones of your choice of equivalent value or less but may not exceed those in the set list and which is also applicable to the Classic Ink pads and Card stock colours.  Also included in the Starter Kit will be business supplies, accessories to get you up and running.
Will there be a penalty to pay if I wish to terminate the contract once I've started?
You will simply stop placing orders.  If your quarterly minimum is not met, Stampin' Up! will simply "drop" you - there are no penalties, you do not have to return your kit.  Before any decision is made, do feel free to discuss your concerns with me and we'll work it through - if you are still certain you wish to terminate, then of course I would support your decision.  I assure you though, that once you start, you won't want to stop!
What kind of  incentives does  Stampin' Up! award to their Demonstrators?
  • As a new demonstrator, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 15 FREE stamp sets during the first 6 months of your Demonstratorship based on your sales and recruiting.
  • Within the first 45 days of signing up, you will receive an extra 10% Instant Income on your FIRST workshop order of £150 or more giving you a total of 30% off!
  • As a Demonstrator, you will be able to place orders as your own  "Hostess" and earn free Hostess stamp sets and products on your personal orders.
  • You will be able to set your own goals to achieve the Annual Incentive Trip to an all expenses trip to a mystery destination each year - past destinations have included Monaco, Prague and the one in 2012 will be Vienna.   The mystery destination for 2013 was recently announced at Convention 2011 and will be in Utah, the home of Stampin' Up!
How do I find inspiration for my Workshops?
Stampin' Up! provides numerous resources for their Demonstrators through a password protected website, their Idea Book & Catalogue, their monthly Impressions magazine, a DVD in the starter kit and much, much more.   You will also have my help and support as I will share all my classes and workshop projects on the Inkin' Divas team website.
What kind of Stampin' Up! events or training programs are there for new demonstrators?
Our Head Office in High Wycombe holds training events throughout the year, an annual convention held within Europe depending on which is the Host Country, the first Convention was held in Frankfurt, Convention 2010 was held here in the UK and Convention 2011 was held in Disneyland Paris and in 2012 it will be held in Mainz, Germany.    In addition, there are the Inkin' Divas team monthly or Quarterly team training meetings.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.  Nothing would give me more pleasure than to be able to share  this wonderful business opportunity with you. Your demonstratorship will be as unique as you are.
Call me on 07810 503390 or email @  me for more information.
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